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CallPlease Lite is great for busy folks who want to see their calls tracked and organized like an email thread on a single device, their smartphone. Phone calls can be made right from the application and all status updates are displayed with the call. No access to the Web Interface included with this version. CallPlease Power is popular with busy professionals (without Assistants) who manage high call volume and want to see their call tracking across multiple devices. Access to the CallPlease Web Interface also gives this power user customized management tools, reporting and archiving. CallPlease Executive is a shared platform so a Boss and Assistant(s) can work together seamlessly. An assistant uses the Web Interface or mobile App to track and send messages to their Boss. The Boss reviews and handles the calls as needed. All status updates are shared among team members for full-circle communication.
  • Single User
  • One Single Device
  • Alarms
  • Single User
  • Unlimited Devices
  • Web Interface Access
  • Sync Address Book to Web
  • Alarms & Notifications
  • Export/Print Calls
  • Customized Call Actions
  • Single Boss
  • Unlimited Assistants
  • Unlimited Devices
  • Web Interface Access
  • Sync Address Book to Web
  • Alarms & Notifications
  • Export/Print Calls
  • Customized Call Actions
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Take advantage of our free 30-day free trial and have all your calls synced in real-time across all your devices. Add an assistant (or more if you like), sync your address book, customize your call actions, print/export your calls - have fun getting to know CallPlease. Setting up your account is easy and don't worry, we'll remind you via email when your trial is about up so you can create a subscription to avoid any feature interruption.
Combined Executive Teams
If there are multiple Bosses that work together in a team to share calls and/or Assistants, adding more Bosses to your account is easy. Once the initial account is set up, you or your Assistant (if you added one) can add additional Bosses and Assistants using our intuitive CallPlease Web Interface. The monthly subscription is automatically updated and the credit card on file is used for billing each new Boss based on which plan they fall under.
If you are looking for non-profit/educational discounts, customized, self-hosting or enterprise options, feel free to contact our sales team.
Product & Service Features  
Setup When an account is first created for the boss, the company account is created, too. Then the boss can add an assistant, if needed. Additional bosses and their assistant(s) can also be added or removed from the company account. This provides ease of administration and usage reporting.
The Calls At the center of CallPlease are the calls. For each call, a single boss is assigned. Assistants can be given access to one or more boss' calls as needed. When we use the term 'Boss', we mean the primary user of the account. For the term 'Assistant', we use it generically as they could be a receptionist, paralegal, etc.
Account Administration Using the web interface, Administrators manage people within the account. Access and privileges can be turned on/off as needed. In addition, assistants can be given access on a temporary basis. Small to large organizatins can be managed with ease.
The Cloud All call logs are maintained in our private, secure cloud storage. Calls are added via the web interface or the CallPlease app. From there, the information is securely distributed to all devices that use that particular call log. If a device is lost or damaged, the call log is still accessible.
Online/Offline CallPlease is designed to work whether you are connected to the Net or offline. Call information is stored locally and synced to the cloud when connectivity is available. If you are working on a plane (or a deserted island), once you re-connect to the Net, the call log is automatically re-synced.
Integrated Dialer For our Android smartphone users, CallPlease will stay synchronized with your phone's call log. Incoming and outgoing calls are automatically matched to the CallPlease call log. The entire history of your calls stays in one place. There is no need to worry about how you are making and receiving calls.
Notifications Not all calls are equal. When others (such as an assistant) enter new calls or update existing ones, they can check a notification option. On your phone, you'll see what looks like a text message telling you who called and what was done. Simply tap on the notification and you'll be taken directly to the call.
Alarms The last thing you want to do is forget a call. With our built-in alarms, you can receive notifications about past-due and scheduled calls. You can turn alarms on/off, set repeat notifications, and customize how frequently you are notified.
Contacts When you add calls from your mobile device, CallPlease integrates with your address book. There is no need to type in all that information just to add a call. Simply pick a contact from your address book. And if you have an assistant, you can securely sync your address book for your assistant(s) to use, too.
Archiving When a call is completed, it remains on your mobile device for a specified period of time (set by the user) before it is archived. This keeps your call log from getting clogged. To see all of your archived calls, simply use the web interface.
Exporting Calls If you need an electronic or printed copy of your calls, you can export them to a spreadsheet using the web interface. When you choose to export information, you can specify which calls you need to see and include a date range.
Additional Features CallPlease is loaded with additional features. Just to name a few: from the web interface, you can email a single call's history to yourself or someone else; you can transfer calls between bosses; you can even ping the boss to (politely) remind him about an important call.
"I've struggled too long without having an interactive way to track the mountain of phone calls and messages I receive and make everyday, in sync with my assistant, regardless of where I may be. That's why I created CallPlease."
Gregg D. Fienberg, Executive Producer, HBO's "True Blood"
With technology constantly taking over our everyday tasks, keeping it all together and in sync is a never-ending challenge. It is critical to be able to rapidly find and consolidate information in order to take proper action. We believe software should be continuously harnessed in ways that improve our daily existence and help us stay competitive. That's why we've made it our mission to create world-class innovative software products designed to make the task of managing our lives simpler and easier. We will always listen to the needs of our customers and are constantly striving to improve so that we may accomplish our mission.
You may send an email to our Support or Sales teams should you wish to contact us. For non-technical support inquiries, you may also call (818) 456-0333.
For Press inquiries, please contact Amber Dodson via email.
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