Frequently Asked Questions

Some notes about the Award-winning CallPlease Interface

What’s new?
What’s new in the mobile app?
What’s new in the Web app?

Call Logs, Phone Sheets and the why people love CallPlease

What’s a short description of what CallPlease does?
Who can see call logs?
I have an assistant who manages my calls. Why would I need to use CallPlease?
Does CallPlease sync in real time with my exec/assistant? With a shared team call log? With a receptionist and managers?
Can I use the CallPlease mobile app offline?
How many people can CallPlease handle in one office?
Our office has a receptionist answering calls for several people. How can CallPlease help?
Can I export my calls to a PDF or Excel?
To learn more about designing call logs to increase productivity and make better calls...

CallPlease SHARED Call Logs

How many CallPlease call logs can one person use?
Interactive shared call logs: My team at work has trouble keeping up with a lot of fast-changing information around our project or client or team. How can CallPlease help?
Queue shared call logs: My business, or department, gets requests for Sales, Service or Help, all day, every day. How can CallPlease help?
To learn more about designing call logs to increase productivity and make better calls...

CallPlease Pricing and Payment

CallPlease Subscription Pricing as of 1 January 2019
CallPlease Subscription Payment Options
What does "per seat" mean?
Do multiple assistants mean multiple seats?
What do I do if my credit card expires or is stolen?
What happens if I add/remove people during the billing period?
Do I get a notice before my credit card is charged?
Can I switch from monthly to annual billing?
Do you accept credit cards from other countries?
Do you give refunds?

Managing My Account

How do I reset my password?
I try to sign in but I get an error that my account is not active.
My company already uses CallPlease. How do I get an account?
I set up an account but I can’t see anyone else in my company.
What does the CallPlease account administrator do?

Customer Service

How do I get service and support?
Does this work globally? Can I use CallPlease traveling around the world?

CallPlease Security

How secure is CallPlease?
Is my information safe?
Does CallPlease have access to my call information?
Where is my credit card information stored?
What extra security measures are available to big companies?
What happens if I lose my phone or tablet?
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